The Book

Naughty Confessions from the Men’s Room recounts real-life stories of a restroom concierge who specializes in orgiastic gatherings held at lavish mansions. Dan the Man’s world is confined to luxurious bathrooms, and what he learns of each decadent event are stories shared by guests who seek some rest in the restroom.

Dan the Man’s job is a great opportunity to be a fly on the proverbial wall, experiencing each conversation as a collector of naughty confessions. His stories are profane, kinky, off-the-wall, and hilarious. These real talks take place at urinals, stalls, and sinks in Florida nightclubs, mansions, and celebrity parties.

To protect the definitely not innocent, names of characters have been changed considering all these stories are shockingly true. This is the reality of life in the men’s room, and in this case, the truth really is stranger than fiction.